Clinical path


Step 1: surgeon consultation

The first appointment is with the surgeon, to confirm the diagnosis, determine what is the best method for your case and provide you with thorough information.

Step 2: anesthetist consultation

Then, the anesthesiologist consultation is mandatory. According to the French regulation it must take place no later than 48 hours before surgery.

Since the surgeon and anesthesiologist consultation can take place on the same day, you may have both appointments two days before operation.

 Step 3: intervention and postintervention

It is recommended that you bring with you any medical documents you have and especially the list of drugs you are currently taking.

In case you take anticoagulant or antiagregant medicines, it is recommended to specify when you ask for the appointment.

You may stay in a hotel located close to the clinic. It is recommended that you are not alone.

Surgery is carried out in day-case setting: you go to the clinic in the morning, you are able to walk immediately after operation and you are discharged in the afternoon.

A visit to the surgeon is scheduled one or two days after operation to control that everything is right, and then you can go back home.

There is no need for postoperative dressing and nurse care. Showers are allowed as soon as the day following surgery.

The total length of your stay in Paris is 4 to 5 days, spent in a hotel close to the clinic. In case it is your choice, you can spend the 2-3 days starting from the operation in hospital.