1. Which doctors should I have to meet before surgery ?

Meeting the surgeon before any operation is obviously mandatory. He will consider your history, carry out physical exam and give you his/her explanation on your case and his/her recommendation.

The anesthesiologist consultation is mandatory too. It must take place not later than 48 hours before operation, according to the French rules.

2. What exams are required before surgery ?

Generally the surgeon and/or anesthesiologist will prescribe blood tests and sometimes an ECG.

Please, don’t forget to bring your medical dossier with you.

3. Where is surgery carried out ?

The operations are carried out in our partner clinics in Paris city center.

4. How long is the hospital stay ?

In most cases operation is carried out in day-case setting; you will be discharged a few hours after surgery.

In some cases, depending on your medical condition, the surgeon as well as the anesthesiologist can recommend overnight stay.

5. What about the sickness leave ?

Walking and resuming normal activity is recommended immediately. Driving the day after surgery.

Working one or two days after surgery is possible for non-manual professionals. Ten to fifteen day sickness leave is recommended for manual workers.

6. What about sport ?

Walking as well as stationary bike are recommended as soon as the day after surgery.

No sport is contra-indicated. Sport activity can be resumed early .

7. When can I go back to my country ?

The surgeons will give you approval at the control visit.

This visit can take place one to three days after surgery.